Venable's Gifts

Chevron acrylic 

initial necklaces!! 

Personalized Stamps!

Each stamp comes with a gift certificate to go online and order your customized stamp!

Styles include save the date, return address, from the library of, from the kitchen of, photographs, and many more!

Sample stamps: 

 Purse Hangers and Key Finders!!!!!!!!

More styles available in store, including initials. 

Dr. Seuss Aprons for everyone! 




and men! 

We even have Grinch aprons for the Christmas season! 

Cottage House Gifts

Personalized metal items made to order! 

Feather Light Aluminum Jewelry. 
For more photos see our Facebook page at


 Wooden Filigree Pendants

*Custom Ordered. Please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery. Pendant only. Necklaces are sold separate.

The Artist

Recycled Aluminum Jewelry

Additional styles available


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